Posted in: Living Posted on: Mar 31st, 2016

A Quick Guide to Greenville County

Generations of South Carolina residents have happily built Greenville County into a community where they are proud to live, work, and play. Couples searching for a great place to have a family, single professionals seeking an interesting place to start out, and retirees planning for the next step in their lives have all been able to find what they are looking for once they begin living in Greenville County. If you are new to the area, we are happy to help you get started on the next step with an overview of the benefits to living here. Take a look at this guide to learn about this friendly community and you will succumb to Greenville County’s charm before you know it!

Community Roots

Located in the northwest corner of the state, Greenville County has an interesting and storied background. The total area of the region measures 795 square miles, of which 9.7 square miles are comprised of local water sources. The county was formally founded on March 22nd, 1786. The region has enjoyed a steady population growth throughout the past century, with increases ranging between 11.2% and 32.2% throughout the past ten Census recordings. The 2010 Census reported that Greenville County had 451,225 residents, making for a population density of 574.7 residents per square mile. The county seat is Greenville, South Carolina, which is the sixth largest city in the state. Residents with apartments in Greenville County would be pleased to know that the namesake city was previously ranked by Bloomberg as the country’s third strongest job market in 2010.

Get Around Town

Every new resident needs a little time to become familiar with the local transit options, but we are happy to help you get started. Drivers with apartments in Greenville County will find that there are several convenient roadways to help them commute to work and other destinations with ease. The two largest north and south routes in the county are 276 and 25, while the biggest east and west routes are 29 and 85. Each of these routes can help suburban and rural residents access the city of Greenville. Once you are in the city, there are easy options for transport thanks to Greenlink. The public transit service offers bike sharing, bus service and trolley cars that can help you when you are on the move. Visit their website for more information on their routes and schedules.

Local Attractions

Once you have settled in the area, you are probably going to be interested in exploring the region and seeing what attractions are available for you and your family to check out. There are a number of local places here for your enjoyment, including the Peace Center. The performing arts center hosts more than 300 exciting events each year and includes a theater, concert hall, and amphitheater. Many nationally and internationally recognized acts have performed at the Peace Center since it opened in 1990, including David Copperfield, Harry Connick, Jr. and the casts of several popular Broadway shows. The Center is named after the Peace family, a local family that donated $10 million dollars towards its initial construction. Check out the Peace Center’s schedule online and decide which show you and your group will be attending!

Life can be exciting and convenient as a resident of Greenville County.