Posted in: Moving Posted on: Dec 31st, 2014

A Comprehensive Look into Moving to Greenville, SC

No matter where you plan on living, moving to a new part of the country is always exciting and intimidating. And moving to Greenville, SC is no different. In order to reduce the stress and anxiety so that you can focus on the good parts, we’ve assembled the following guide of tips and tricks that will make your relocation as easy as possible. Please read on for a comprehensive look into transferring, unpacking, and storing your belongings.

Packing While Staying Safe

It’s important to ensure that you are packing up your home as safely as possible. Injuring yourself is the last thing you want to do during a move. Reduce your chance of injury by first rolling up any carpets that could pose a tripping hazard and moving any furniture that obstructs your path. You should also keep in mind that injuries caused by overexertion are quite common, so it’s important to remember proper form when lifting heavy boxes and furniture. Avoid bending at the hip to reduce the strain on your back and arms. Instead, lift at the knees.

Moving furniture by yourself is never recommended. But if friends or family members are unavailable, professional moving services like Tiger Moving or Mr. Moes can assist you on moving day.

Unpacking One Room at a Time

Now that you’ve finished the most physically intensive part of moving, you’re faced with yet another challenge: unpacking. Depending on how organized you were when you packed your previous residence, unpacking can either be a smooth process or it can make you want to live out of boxes for the next six weeks. However, there is one easy way in which you can reduce the stress and get your home organized as quickly as possible, and that is to take each room one at a time. Move each box into the room in which the items will be placed, and focus on that one room until you have completely finished unpacking. Only after you have finished one room can you move on to the next.

Storage Facilities Can Be a Lifesaver

Rather than cramming summer clothes into your dresser during the winter months or keeping that sofa that just doesn’t match the décor of your new place, consider renting a storage facility to free up some space in your new home. There are several options for local storage facilities in the area. Public Storage, for example, allows you to rent out bays to store items that you don’t need now but would like to keep for some other time. Terms, prices, and contracts will vary from facility to facility, so make sure you ask questions, visit the area, and speak with the staff to ensure you choose one that fits into your budget and meets your needs.

Living in Greenville, SC

Living in Greenville will provide you with many opportunities to visit attractions that will inspire you, entertain you, and engage you. No matter where your interests lie, from arts and sports to museum-exploring and sightseeing, there are plenty of things to do in this great city.