Posted in: Living Posted on: Mar 23rd, 2015

Off-Campus Housing Near Furman University

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Living on your own can be a fun, exciting, liberating time, but it requires you to exercise much more responsibility than on campus living. Transitioning into off-campus housing near Furman University is a great way to practice living on your own, something that you’re going to have to do eventually. Still, it isn’t always an easy transition, and there are several things to think about:

Be Prepared

Start your search for off-campus housing several months in anticipation of the new semester. You’ll have way more options, as well as plenty of time to figure out what you want, if you start your search early. When you’ve found your new home, carefully review the lease before committing to it. Do a walkthrough of your apartment, taking note of any damages left by past renters, and report them to your landlord so that you’re not held responsible the following year. Remember that your relationship with your landlord can make or break your experience. Get off on the right foot by talking with your landlord about the complex and learning more about where you’ll be living. Maintaining an open line of communication with your landlord will benefit you in the long run, should any problems arise. Also remember to look over South Carolina’s Residential Landlord and Tenant Act so you know what is expected of you and your landlord.

Know your finances

When you’re living on campus, you don’t have many expenses. But being on your own requires quite a bit of financial savvy. You have to live within your means. Cut back on unnecessary spending. Get rid of your cable subscription and switch to Netflix. Skip your daily $4 latte and start brewing your coffee at home. There are also unexpected expenses, like utilities. They might not be built into your rent and they can fluctuate depending on the season. Achieve financial stability by saving more money than you spend. You also might want to consider finding a job. It’s a challenge to balance work with a heavy course load and any extracurriculars you’re involved in, but it will teach you how to prioritize and manage your time more effectively. Furman University’s Student Employment Office can help you find on-campus employment opportunities.

Find a roommate

You may have written off roommates after a bad experience and are certain you want to live alone, but that can get really expensive. A roommate will split expenses and provide you with a little social interaction. One of the biggest misconceptions about roommates is that he or she has to be your best friend, when in reality a roommate just has to be responsible enough to send in their half of the rent and be respectful of you and your shared living space. Talk to your friends, classmates, and professors, letting them know you’re looking for a great roommate. Post a Facebook status commencing the search or hang flyers around campus. Furman University also has an off-campus housing website where you can search for a roommate.

Living in an on-campus dorm is fun, but it’s normal to feel like you’ve outgrown it after a few years. Don’t be rash in your search for off-campus housing. Take your time and do thorough research in order to make the best decision.