Posted in: Living Posted on: Aug 22nd, 2016

Want to Help the Community? Volunteer at One of These Greenville Organizations!

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Anywhere you live, there will always be people who could use a helping hand. Volunteering is one way you can make the world better by working directly with people through non-profit organizations. No matter that skills or interests you have, you’re likely to find a group that could use your help. For a closer look into just some of the volunteer opportunities you have when living in Greenville, SC, take a look at the following options.

Food Bank

When you think of volunteering, it is hard not to think about the food banks that can use help all across the country. Right in Greenville is the Harvest Hope Food Bank, which calls on thousands of volunteers every year to assist with the organization’s mission to offer healthy food options to people and families in need. The reach of this organization is impressive — in 2015, it worked with about 100 agency partners to distribute about 7.8 pounds of food to nearly 240,000 families. You can help them continue their mission by volunteering at one of the three full-time emergency food pantries, at special events such as food drives, in an administrative capacity, or in the warehouse inspecting, sorting, and boxing food. The food bank is also a great place for a group volunteer.

Helping Families and Kids

Everyone goes through hard times in life, and it always helps to have someone there to help when the going gets tough. This is particularly true when it comes to those who struggle with addiction. Overcoming this disease is difficult and nearly impossible to do without the support of caring individuals. If you would like to aid in the process of recovery for mothers and their children, you can volunteer at Serenity Place. This residential treatment center has a program designed to help these families, both with addiction and childhood development. As a volunteer, you can assist with child care, tutoring, and mentoring, as well as helping out around the facilities with landscaping, cooking, and general maintenance. It’s an excellent chance to have a meaningful contribution to families in need of help.

Join the United Way

For a great chance to help the community in various ways, you can join the United Way. This organization is committed to creating positive change in the community, largely through volunteer-driven initiatives that use the skills of people across all age groups. Whether you are looking for a community service project that you and your child can do together, a teen looking to get involved in helping others, or just an adult who wants to use their free time to contribute to the community, the United way has a numerous opportunities year-round where you can help. The options vary greatly, from making care packages for the elderly, to helping set up any of the organization’s community-centered events, so be sure to check their website regularly to find out more.

As you can see, there are so many wonderful ways you can contribute a positive impact on the Greenville community and its surrounding areas. Get in contact with any of the previously mentioned organizations to find a position that best suits you.